Friday, September 10, 2010

Dock Boggs Festival

The Dust Busters are on our way to Norton, Virginia today, once home of legendary banjo player Dock Boggs and current home of the Dock Boggs Festival.  We will be playing there on Saturday Sept. 11th at 3pm.  At 5pm our friends The Tillers will also play.  Gonna be a great festival, check it out!

From the festival's website:
The festival honors Moran Lee "Dock" Boggs, a Norton native who recorded traditional mountain songs, including his unique style of banjo plucking in a 1920 recording session in New York.  Boggs, who died in 1971, received more fame when folk musician Mike Seeger came to Norton to record the retired coal miner's music in the 1960's.  Boggs is also credited with influencing musician Bob Dylan and others.  Seeger brought Boggs's music to the national stage once again in 1997 when he released some of the Norton native's recordings.
Kate is a native ballad singer and songwriter; she is also honored by the festival because of her lifelong work with traditional mountain music.  She is noted for helping A. P. Carter collect traditional mountain music.  Sturgill and her band, "The Lonesome Pine Trailers," performed in Norton radio station, WNVA.

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