Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Halloween Puppet Show and Costume Squaredance...

The Fabulous Jalopy Theater presents:

A Halloween Puppet Show
Costume Squaredance
To benefit Occupy Wall St.
Monday Oct 31st 7pm 
@ The Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia St.

Hosted by The Dust Busters

Featuring music by:
Jesse Lenat (NY),
The Crow Quill Night Owls (Port Townsend, WA)
Blind Boy Chocolate and The Milk Sheiks (Asheville, NC)
99 'cent Stringband (OWS)
The Dolly Wagglers (Vermont)
and more.

Show starts at 7pm with an hour of short puppet shows by various local puppeters and will go till about 1am. Dance from 9-11pm, called by David Harvey of the Dolly Wagglers.                  

About The show and Occupy Movement...
The money from the door will go to buying sleeping pads, coats, blankets and flowers for wall st. This event (like OWS) has no political affiliations. It is simply a way to bring the community together in celebration and support of those putting their lives on the line to remind the goverment that its job is to execute the will of the PEOPLE, not CORPORATIONS!

As a movement, we are not anti-capitalist or anti-business, we just care about each other and recognize that corporations are responsible to their shareholders. It is the responsibility of the people to establish rules and a method of enforcing them that enables society to function fairly. When this process breaks down we must say something, and loudly. Money speaks very convincingly. People are much less likely to listen to dirty freaks with funny signs, so we the artists must help them.

Everyone decries the citizens and officers of Nazi Germany for not saying something, and yet a group of modern transnational corporations are waging a war on the entire earth, on human rights, and on the whole principle of dignity and integrity which is far more insidious and pervasive.

Many of us feel we can't leave our jobs or careers or families to make our voices heard, even though we recognize that the electoral process will never bring about major change in the values and efficacy of our goverment. Let's come together and support those who are. Sleeping on concrete in the freezing weather is very bad on your back and if the camp has any chance of not succombing to infectious disease they will need to all be dressed warmly;  both those who are there for free food and those who left good jobs to come and sweep our city or provide legal or medical aid to the community- not because they're being paid to but because they care.

Thank You with all our heart,

Craig - Dust Buster and organizer of this event 

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